When searching for businesses, consumers use mapping products 44% of the time.
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Give customers a virtual tour with Google Business Views

Over 200,000 businesses have used Google Business View to virtually invite customers inside their doors. With the use of high-quality panoramic imagery and Street View technology, businesses have been able to offer customers an interactive tour without physically setting foot inside.
Check out our new video to see what Business Owners are saying about Google Business View: 

Google Business View is really “Google Street View for the inside of your store.  It’s one more way for your customers to experience your store without actually having to leave their computer. They can come in, They can turn all around, They can even look at the ceiling.  It really feels like they are there.”

Contact me at 204-981-7802 or email me

An overview of Google's New Business View program.

Contact me at 204-981-7802 or email me


Hartley Macklin is a Google Certified Trusted Street View Pro Photographer
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